Crushes will crush you

Ever had a crush?

Well if you have, have you ever had a serious crush? Not just a thing where you thought they were cute or cool but a crush where they were your world. If you have, how are you doing today? Feeling a little dehydrated from crying so much. I am because I had that.

I had the crush that you THINK likes you back. Because he can’t stop staring at you, and talking and trying to make you laugh. But gets a girlfriend, and then another, and then another until soon he’s labeled as a fuckboy and your friends warn you and say don’t like and get invested in him, he’ll break your heart but you didn’t care!!

Let me tell you something… If your at the friends warning you about him stage back out now! RIGHT NOW!!


If you don’t, you’ll end up in a situation kind of close to mine. You’ll have really great friend, and you’ll have this boy that just broke up with his last girlfriend, and you think what if it was for me? But then a friend of yours and his will tell you otherwise. That he actually ended a relationship for that really great friend of yours. And don’t read that sarcastically because i really mean that this friend is great and you love her like a sister.

So the two lovebirds start dating and your crush treats this girl like he had never treated any of his other girlfriends.

He’s not afraid to leave his friends to hang out with her, he actually wants to. He will really really love her and look at her the way he would look at you but even better. And they will soon almost be 2 months while most of his relationships could barely reach one.

Their families will meet and they will stay happy and together. And soon you’ll start to let it go yipee! And then your algebra 1 teacher decides to make a new seating chart and oh what do you known you sit at the same table as him. And that’s exactly how you started liking him one year ago. FUN!!!!

Now he flirts with you because he doesn’t know any better or is it you that doesn’t know any better? That’s a really fun thing to think about late at night in bed. And now you make new memories together. Your reminded EVERY SINGLE DAY why you love him and how you and him could be beautiful together.

The way he can cheer you up in seconds, and make you so happy and laugh the most in that one period than you do in any other. But the rest of the day you see him and your friend just so happy. You miss him all say and everyday after that period and all you want is to be with him, but be with him without hurting your good friend. Girl it won’t happen. You are either going to have one or the other. Someday you might even lose both.

Now you have good day pretty much everyday but every night you think about him and her and their goals of a relationship. But geeeeeeez do you miss him. And nonmatter how much you think of every cliché quote that could help you through this like “if you love something set it free”. FYI they don’t work. The thought of him will keep you up, the thought of hurting your friend or losing him will make you cry. You’ll Talk to him everyday and no matter how little you might talk to him that day, or how many times you wanted him and you, you’ll just cash this one in for the day and keep going, and later they’ll be finaled into your system that night, and deep into the next day.

Then, You’ll start the process of understanding that you are young and there are millions upon millions of other guys out there. And no matter how much you want that one guy that’s tearing you and your heart apart piece by piece which makes you feel dumb for ever liking him and wish you never met him even if that did result in an empty part inside you. Soon you’ll realise that you’re going to be just fine. Someday…


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